The rental shop skis and snowboards Ski Fun Garden is your specialist for 15 years. We have a large selection of skis, snowboards, boots, poles for adults and children in all sizes.
You are sure to have reliable and recent material.
All your equipment is stored in the Ski shop on the ground floor of the hotel, located on the slopes. The skis are stored in your name or room number and footwear dryied in cabinets. We also accept customers outside the hotel.

Our experience constantly by your side, guarantees maximum comfort and pleasure.

skis keeping

During your stay, we provide storage for your equipment. The shoes are in driers cabinets that run continuously every night for comfort and perfect hygiene.

In the morning, your skis are waiting for you out on the slopes and lifts (50m G2 Alpine Garden). We welcome you and help to equip you and your children. We welcome your ski monitors and can advise you on routes, external conditions and latest weather reports.
You just have to put your skis and you are in Les 3 Vallées (the largest ski area in the world).
Similarly, in the evening, we are here to help you to store your shoes. Children can also enjoy sledges for after-ski.

Repair workshop

All ski pass to the workshop after each use for repair. Systematically, we sharpen, the edges, wax skis depending on the snow conditions, repair the damage to the base and check the fasteners. All this for your safety.

We also repair personal skis  customers. All directly in the Ski shop.

various services

  • Shipping skis to your home (free)
  • Drying shoes in the Ski shop.
  • Sale pool accessories (swimwear, flip flops, glasses, etc …)

We speak French, English, Russian and Spanish